New from Leerdam Orchids: Root16

This strong Phalaenopsis with its unique roots is a bit of a rebel. Introducing Root16, the latest brand from Leerdam Orchids. What is striking about this product is the aerial roots, which, unlike other Phalaenopsis, are on show and have a truly decorative role to play.

Root16: the ultimate feeling of freedom

The special cultivation process of Root16 creates a unique and compact product, with pretty and decorative roots. The plant is grown in its natural habitat, so that the roots have freedom to spread instead of being cultivated in a traditional pot with bark. Phalaenopsis naturally live in a damp climate, and this is replicated at Root16 by putting the plant in a glass pot with a thin layer of water. As soon as the aerial roots become grey in colour, it is time to immerse the plant in water for a short time and add more water to the glass pot.

Root16 is delivered in special packaging that protects the plant and is easy to transport. This bag contains a hydrated gel pad with enough moisture for three weeks. Root16 is now available at Leerdam Orchids in many different varieties and colours.