Leerdam Orchids presents novelty Root16

A very strong Phalaenopsis with a very special base that is a bit rebellious. It is Root16, the newest brand of Leerdam Orchids. Remarkable about the product are the aerial roots, which – unlike other Phalaenopsis – may be seen correctly and have an important decorative function. Leerdam Orchids will be introducing this new concept at stand 26.5 at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair from 7 to 9 November 2018.

Root16: the ultimate feeling of freedom

The special growing process of Root16 creates a unique and compact product, in which the roots of this Phalaenopsis are particularly decorative. The plant grows in its natural habitat, allowing its roots to grow freely without traditional propagator and bark. The Phalaenopsis naturally lives in a humid climate, which can be simulated with Root16 by placing the plant in a glass pot with a small layer of water. As soon as the aerial roots turn grey, it is time to temporarily immerse them or to fill up the layer of water in the glass pot. Root16 is supplied in an eco vase made of 100% recycled glass, in which the roots of the product come into their own. Root16 is available from Leerdam Orchids in various types and colours.

Influencers about Root16

Social influencers such as Dirksdotter, MaisonBelle and Sabrinavisual have entered into cooperation with Leerdam Orchids. The different species of Root16 have been styled in the interiors of the influential green lifestyle bloggers, which has not only produced beautiful images but also provoked reactions from the many followers. The potential end users reacted very positively to Root16, especially on the botanical, free appearance of the product and the ornamental value of the roots. The photos of the bloggers can be found on Root16’s Instagram account.

New developments at Leerdam Orchids


In addition to the introduction of Root16, Leerdam Orchids has more developments in the pipeline that are planned to be introduced next year.

Leerdam Orchids heeft de noviteit Root16 gelanceerd