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It all starts with a good foundation. Leerdam Orchids is a true family company. Each member of the Leerdam family is involved in different parts of running the nursery, from (grand) father to (grand) son. It is a modern nursery in ’s-Gravenzande, the Netherlands, where the lines of communication are short and where the years of craftsmanship can be felt. With our extensive product knowledge, Leerdam Orchids have been a recognised and trusted name in the orchid market for years. Our goal is to continue to surprise and inspire our customers with our renewed product range and unique innovations in Phalaenopsis cultivation!


Built with our green fingers

At Leerdam Orchids we put our collection together with care and attention. We see it as a challenge to develop products that not only respond to the demands of the market, but also meet a new need. Our innovative nature means that we choose the most distinctive varieties, and we always ensure that the orchids have the characteristics we believe a Phalaenopsis should have: large flowers, a strong quality and a compact shape.



At Leerdam Orchids we ensure that our plants have the best care during the cultivation process, and therefore, we can guarantee the high quality of our Phalaenopsis. MPS-certificates are a way of measuring how environmentally friendly our company is and how good the working conditions are. The certificate also shows the traceability, safety and hygiene of our products.

Read more www.volgjebloemofplant.nl. Our MPS number is 802701.

A Phalaenopsis as
we think it should be

Compact, full and high quality. Our green fingers help to grow orchids with these characteristics. Leerdam Orchids are always looking for ways to surprise you with the most interesting orchid varieties. We are delighted to present our range, consisting of distinctive and unique varieties. Take a look at the exceptional flowering creations from Leerdam Orchids!


Las Vegas

This Phalaenopsis is famous for its very special golden colour, which provides so much pleasure. A product with certainly lives up to its name!



An exceptionally strong potted product. Lausanne contains two orchids in a single pot. A compact and extra full plant!


Leerdam Mix

As a quality grower, we choose each variety for its beauty and not production speed. This Mix gives you some artisan varieties!

Our brands

We have a strict selection policy when choosing orchids for the ‘Leerdam Orchids’ collection, based on quality, colour and appearance. This means that we only select varieties of orchids that have many flowers, are strong and robust, are 50-60 cm in size, and available in a variety of colours. Root16 and Beautifall are two of the collections from Leerdam Orchids that offer a diverse selection of orchid varieties, in many different shapes.


Usually it is all about the beauty of
the flowers …but with Root16, it’s the
roots that steal the show.

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As the name suggests, the orchids
from the Beautifall collection are like
a waterfall of flowers.

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